Welcome to Swann Construction

Since our beginning in 1985 we have served residential, commercial, industrial and utility clients throughout Virginia and eastern West Virginia. We offer specialized services backed by the highest quality service.

Our people are what makes Swann Construction Inc. The experience, knowledge and dedication they contribute is the key to our success. Our commitment to all our projects being successful is supported by everyone here at Swann Construction. However, when projects do not go as planned we are all committed to remedying the situation.

Our pipeline services division has installed hundreds of miles of natural gas pipeline and related facilities for the major gas utilities of Virginia. We also have perfromed pipeline services for major commercial and industrial clients. JMU, UVA, Eastern Minute University, VMI, WNL, Bridgewater, Western State, Woodrow Wilson.
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Foundation Repair division is installing MACLEAN-DIXIE HFS in our area to stabilize or lift existing structures; and to reinforce new foundations and structural slabs.

Our newest division is
Storage On Site. Known as S.O.S., we can solve your on site storage and security needs.